NaBloPoMo:  OUT. THEY. GO.

IMG_9359Yesterday, I blogged about a raincoat. Today, it’s all about the shoes.

One of the first things you learn as a chaplain is that you need the right kind of shoes. Comfortable, but not too dumpy-looking. These shoes were the perfect color, a nice neutral grey/khaki, and could be worn with almost any outfit. But there was a big problem. They were uncomfortable. That’s an issue when you are standing on your feet several hours a day.

They were the most uncomfortable shoes I’ve worn. And tonight they’re in the trash. GONE. Good-bye!

Despite trying heel tape, bandaids, two different kinds of cushions and insoles, I was not able to get these shoes to work. They just hurt my feet. Today they gave me blisters on two toes.

The final straw was this afternoon. The heel came loose on one shoe. I skidded walking on a dry sidewalk and almost fell. While I am not the picture of gracefulness (under “Deb” in the dictionary, you will read “SEE: Klutz:”), I am also not a glutton for punishment. It was time to pitch this pair of shoes. And I’m not gifting them to anyone else, either. 

Out. They. Go. 

Sometimes, you have to know when it’s time to walk away. 

And if you’re a thinking person, you know this blog post isn’t just about shoes… I’ll let you ponder that one.


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