NaBloPoMo: A Random Friday Five

RevGals are adept at juggling and making do on the fly. In the spirit of the ability to multi-task, we’re pulling a random Friday Five out of the hat today.

1. What is your “gotta go!” breakfast that you can grab and take with you in the morning when you’re in a rush?

Coffee and a protein bar. But honestly, I’d be 10 minutes late rather than skip breakfast. I’ll skip make-up (what am I saying? I usually don’t wear much make-up anyway!)

2. When was the last time you had a fun evening out, and what did you do?

Last weekend, we went and heard the Parker String Quartet with Reedy Girl, and then had dinner out at the Irish pub.

3. Favorite poet or poem?

Ooohh… Hard one. I enjoy Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, and Mary Oliver. And Rumi. 

4. Who makes you laugh?

Our cats. They are such goofballs.  

5. Where do you like to go for some “time apart,” in the way that Jesus took time apart?
Our back yard. This is the labyrinth area. 


Play along if you’d like.

One comment

  1. It’s nice that your place apart is so close at hand. Lovely that your own space can offer such respite. Irish Pub–say no more! Thanks for playing.


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