Hands and Feet. Serving God.

It came as an urgent request in my email.  A local women’s shelter needed a Saturday evening meal.

A quick check with Daughter Chef, who was willing, and we were signed up. Soft tacos with all the trimmings.

She created the meat mixture’s seasoning from scratch. I chopped a ton of peppers, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. We also made refried beans (ok, those were from a can), sweet corn off-the-cob, and Mexican rice. Chips, salsa, guac and cheese rounded out the food. Then we made cakes… Chocolate, angel food and spice cake.

It took the two of us all day prepping and cooking for these 30 guests. And we commandeered family and friends to help. It was a hot day, and there were hungry guests. There was plenty left over. Enough for lunch. Enough for the staff. More than enough.

We came home tired and ready to put our feet up. And it felt really good to know that some tired, hungry women had a good meal before they went to bed. Some came back for seconds. Then thirds. And they raved about the cakes.

Sometimes when the call comes asking me to do these out-of-the-way ministries, I balk. It’s inconvenient. It’s tiring. It is such a little request. And it makes a huge difference. For 30 women, we were just a meal. For God, we were God’s Hands and Feet.

What a privilege and blessing!

Thanks be to God.

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