Friday Five: Blessed Rest

I’ve already had my “vacation” this summer. While it WAS restful, this Friday Five speaks to a vacation where I am really ON vacation…

1. Tell us about a place (retreat center or other getaway spot) that offers especially good hospitality. What makes it so for you?

I don’t know one so I’ll be reading about ideas from others!

2. Is there a ritual of renewal that you seek, or that you find especially helpful, while on retreat? (naps, reading, knitting, staring out toward a different landscape…)

Walking the beach. Always renews me.   

3. Retreats/getaways often have a way of washing over us with its own gifts, no matter what we may seek from it. Tell us about a time that such a gift made a lasting impression.

I went on a retreat once where there were constant gifts and reminders of God’s love for me. They were sent by people who didn’t know me but wanted me to experience an outpouring of love. It happened all the time.  Every day. All day. Every time a new event started. It was very heart-warming. 

4. Imagine that a gift bag was waiting for you on your bed when you checked in for your time of sabbath. What would you like to find in it?

A map to local haunts or hikes, REAL recommendations of places to eat — not just a list! (and included gift cards), and a free pedicure/spa treatment. 

5.   Besides a dessert buffet featuring chocolate, what is something you would love to see a retreat/getaway offer that is typically not part of such an experience?

Ummm… You had me at “chocolate”!

Bonus: You’ve been granted a weekend off, and the means of getting away is provided. Where would you like to go?

Quiet beach, someplace with an ocean breeze and A/C, and fresh seafood. I don’t have to drive, cook, clean or be with people unless I want to be. Yes, I’m an extrovert. And I enjoy time with my extended family. But time off with my own agenda sounds wonderful. 


  1. The description of gifts and affirmations sounds like Cursillo, Happening, and some other organized events with which I’m familiar. I’ve never attended one, but can imagine loving the love! Glad the chocolate appeals to you! 🙂 And thanks for playing.


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