Photo-a-Day: Search

jasonTwo weeks ago, we added a feline to the household. We had become a one-cat house, and Henry, our big and beloved tiger, was lonely. VERY lonely.

We prepared a place and went on a search. Perhaps the local no-kill cat shelter would have a new friend… and they did.

Jason, with his pumpkin-colored eyes, kittenish ways and soft purr wound around our ankles and reeled us in. Our search for cat #2 was over.

Jason was a stray and ended up at the County shelter. The no-kill shelter scooped him up and fostered him, had him neutered and brought him to their cat-house. (Imagine a house full of cat-trees, cat beds, and cat cozy spots. It was magical.) He  was a little shy, but enjoyed our attention. He had dirty patches in his fur and some matted spots on his tail. 

Today Jason roams the house, tortures the rather portly Henry, and has found many ways to enchant us with his energy and love. The places where his fur was matted and dirty are clean and silky smooth, and he’s put on a little weight.

His search for a safe place is over. 

P.S. The shelter always has cats up for adoption. Check them out the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County. Be sure to tell them if you visit that Jason says, puurrrrrrrr! 


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