Friday Five: Christmas Soon

Jan has this week’s Friday Five from RevGalBlogPals:

For today’s Friday Five, choose any five things about this upcoming Christmas that comes to mind, such as memories, traditions, plans, worries, whatever you wish. Add a favorite recipe, song, or tradition that you would like to share as the bonus category.

Decorating cookies one year
Decorating cookies one year

1. Cookies! We spend a lot of time baking cookies (and eating them!) There are certain traditions, such as decorating sugar cookies, that bring a lot of laughter and love into the kitchen. There’s a lot of fun and whimsy in those calories.

IMG_70132. The tree! The ornaments are varied, the style changes, but we try to put it up soon after Thanksgiving and enjoy it all month. I love to sit and read in the living room and look at the lights.

wood nativity3. Family nativity scenes! We have several. One was Ken’s grandmother’s creche. One is a simple wooden one that was loved and touched by small hands. And several are fragile and lovely and represent other parts of the world.

4. Music! I play and sing more music at this time of year than any other. I am not a purist (i.e. I will sing Christmas carols in Advent!) and I find that my lack of practicing shows up rather horrifically at the piano. But I will still do it.

5. The Christmas crazies! The rush of activities, “to do” lists, and running around. I try to keep the crazy to a minimum. Sometimes I even succeed.

BONUS: A recipe – Chocolate Sugar Bombs
I stumbled onto this recipe about 10 years ago. It is among the favorites. (Ooops. Reminder. Buy mini-chocolate chips!)

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