Long Days. Restless Nights.

The last two days have been long. Long and full of hard tasks. I don’t mind the hard work… It’s what I’m called to do.

Maybe it was the dark and hairy commute home after seeing my last patient. Maybe it was the emotional stress. But I didn’t sleep so well last night.

I started home last night after prayers at the bedside of a sweet saint. Earlier in the day I met with another family and made funeral plans. And I talked with still others about the reality of saying “good-bye” before many more “hello’s” go by.

I sat in traffic. I creeped and crawled my way home. For a good 15 minutes, my speedometer looked like this:


Yeah. That was fun. There ought to be a rule about how many minutes your car can be in “park” on an interstate…

So what do you do? I flipped on the news and traffic station, and the announcer said, “Pick your lane and stick with it.” I mulled that one over. For several hours.

Perseverance. Determination. Focus.

“Pick your lane and stick with it.”

Keep trying. Listen to that still, small voice. Know yourself and do what you do best.

“Pick your lane and stick with it.”

Even when it’s frustrating. Even when you’re misunderstood. Even when (especially when) you aren’t sure what’s next…

“Pick your lane and stick with it.”

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