Friday Five: sweet or Salty?

I’m hosting this week’s Friday Five over at Rev Gals…


Beggars Night. Harvest Party. Hallowe’en. Trunk or Treat. All Hallows Eve.

Call it what you want, there’s plenty of holiday love for sweet treats on October 31st. (Consider this your one week warm-up.)

Ain’t gonna lie… Even though there are no Trick-or-Treaters in our home, I still eye the candy aisle with undisguised lust.


What shall it be? Can I resist? Maybe you have a craving for a little something from time to time… join me for this week’s Friday Five!

1. First, Sweet or Salty? Or both? Describe that gotta-have-it treat. (It can be healthy or paleo-friendly, or decadent. We won’t judge!)
I like crunchy and salty with touches of sweet. Home made Chex Mix is da bomb. So are peanut granola bars.

2. Self-control: How do you help yourself stay strong with the temptation of All That Sugar?

I do better with self-control when I don’t have snacks after dinner. I also have a meh relationship with dark chocolate. Since that’s the main kind of chocolate around here, I’m doing OK.

3. Have you successfully cut (or decreased) sugar out of your diet? How did you do it?

Nope. Hasn’t happened for me. I’ll be reading others’ responses.

4. What’s one sweet you won’t do without. Ever.

Chocolate. Duh.

5. Just for fun: if you were a candy bar, which one would you be?

Since sometimes I feel like a nut… I guess I’m an Almond Joy.

BONUS: Share a recipe or tip that uses up the leftover sweets at your house.

We used to take the leftover candy and save it to decorate gingerbread houses. Worked really well. (I was also reminded by my progeny that I send the leftovers to college students I love. They never object.)

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