Out of the Darkness: Walk for Suicide Awareness/Prevention

You don’t have to donate. I just want to talk.


In my work as a chaplain, I have come into contact with many families and patients who are struggling to respond to a suicide or an attempted suicide. It is among the hardest work that I do.

With the recent high profile case of Robin Williams, more people in the general public are understanding that there are complex reasons why someone dies by suicide. Even more important, folks are realizing that, sometimes, there can be no discernible reason at all!

It doesn’t really matter WHY. It matters that another life has been lost.


I want to remember some of their faces and many of their stories…

  • I remember a young woman who attempted suicide. She had not gotten her visa extended and was going to have to go back to an abusive situation. I sat and held her hand as she cried, ligature marks on her neck, family weeping around the bed.
  • I remember a man who lost his job and was mocked by his family. He was, sadly, successful.
  • I remember a family who chose to ignore the pleas for help from one of their children. She found help, but only after months of struggle.
  • I remember a young woman who broke under the self-imposed pressure of her studies. She felt like she was a big disappointment to her family and her teachers. She got help and is now a successful business woman.

All of these stories, these journeys, shaped my desire to walk beside those who need support. It’s why I’m walking in the Out of the Darkness Walk this Saturday. I’m also walking in memory of some recent suicide deaths in my own community. Ones that have shaken parents and students and teachers. While there is a “copy-cat” concern about talking about recent deaths, there is also a need for education and publicizing resources.

There is help available! And you are worth it!

In case you need to know, the American Society for Suicide Prevention has an excellent rating with Charity Navigator.  This is an organization that understands and cares, and makes every dollar count.

I am joining a team of my co-workers at JSSA on the walk this Saturday, September 13th. You can donate to me (I’d love to make my goal of $200!) or you can just give to our team for our overall goal of $3500. The link for my donors is here…


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