Friday Five: Random End-of-Summer Edition

So yesterday I hosted the RevGals Friday Five. It was the kind of day that I never got back to my computer to play it myself – OR to respond to posters. But here we go…

There’s no real theme today, just some random topics. Have fun and don’t forget to post your link in the comments!

1. True or False: You can wear white shoes after Labor Day*.
I think it is more about what you are wearing. Here in my part of the world, it’s pretty hot until close to the end of September. So I will likely break this fashion “rule” and wear my white flats a little longer.

2. If “the dog days” are in August, when are “the cat days”?
Probably some time when you need a warm and cozy cat lap cover. A snowy day in January, perhaps?

3. Share a memory from your life of going back to school.
I remember having trouble getting my body onto “school time”. While we were up and at ’em, there was less pressure to get up and get out the door, dressed and ready to roll. Since I’m not much of a morning person, it wasn’t fun.

4. My dad had a rhyme he used to tell us: “I eat my peas with honey; I’ve done it all my life. It makes the peas taste funny, but it keeps them on my knife!” What’s the strangest use for honey you’ve ever heard of?
One summer I got a horrible sunburn on my back. The family I was staying with were “natural medicine” people. Among other things, they believe that you could stay healthy by hosing out your nose and sinuses (think of a neti pot with a jet pack.) Anyway… the lady of the house smeared honey on my sunburn, assuring me it would heal it over night. It was a disaster. The honey stuck to my shirt and I had to get in the shower to release the honey form the shirt off of my back. Yeah. Weird.

5. Post a picture from this summer that shows us one of your favorite memories.
2014-08-05 08.29.54
Walking on the beach at sunset with our lovely, brilliant daughters and frequent friend. 🙂

BONUS: Summer gardens! Got one? What are you growing?

Flowers, mostly. I didn’t get veggies in this year.

*For those of you not in the USA, Labor Day is a national holiday and is the first Monday in September. It marks the unofficial end of summer.

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