Girl Scout Barbie? No thanks.

from the Mattel website

Girl Scout Barbie? Are you KIDDING me?  

At first I thought it was an article from The Onion. Sadly, no. (Though they did have fun with it at Barbie’s expense.)

This is a carefully crafted marketing decision by Mattel. And the Girl Scouts.


You know, I could ignore the Barbie junk that seems to be everywhere in the toy aisles. I could rationalize that it’s just a joy, just a doll. But when the Girl Scouts decided to “pink” up with Mattel and their Barbie brand items, I had to draw the line.

It matters because of how Barbie represents the feminine body image, the ways in which females interact with society and the work place, and the commercialization of a non-profit group for girls and young women.

See more of my ViewPoint article published at the EEWC website here!



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