Friday Five: The Sound of Muzak

It’s my week to host the RevGals Friday Five! 🙂

Recently, we got some Indian take-out food. While we were paying for our order, we heard a “Bollywood” version of “My Favorite Things.” We almost missed it because music is so much a part of our lives that we can ignore it!

Since then, I’ve been noticing some of the background music in my world. Sometimes it’s the usual “oldies” station, or the “Mix” station (“the BEST of yesterday and today!!!”). And sometimes it is completely random, like that Bollywood moment…

SOooo let’s talk background music this week for our Friday Five.

1. At the office: If you have a choice, do you turn it up, turn it off, or drown it out with headphones?

I play it softly because I share an office space. I hate other people’s music bleeding into my work environment!

2. At the grocery store or mall: What song (or genre of music) makes you want to hurl? Or throw something?

Sorry Taylor, but we are Never EVER EVER getting back together. Like… ever.

3. If you were going to create a “perfect playlist”, who are the artists (or songs/pieces) that you would include?

I am the queen of eclectic music tastes: there would be classical symphonies, Baroque ensembles, New Age type instrumental, some classic rock and a wee bit of Christian contemporary.

4. Have you ever tried using recorded music in worship? If so, what was your plan, and how did it go over?

We generally use recorded music during Communion. It doesn’t overpower and it provides a nice background.

5. When is the earliest you’ve heard Christmas music in the grocery store or mall?

Last year I heard it on Halloween. And I did want to throw something.

BONUS: “Weird Al Yankovich” has been releasing a stream of his parody music videos lately. Among my favorites: “Because I’m Tacky”  🙂 If Weird Al was going to do a music video of your most recent church, what song/hymn/musical would the parody be based on?

I think I’d like to do a parody/cover of “Little Old Lady from Pasadena.” (Like this one!) I might look like a suburban mommy in my SUV, but I will cut you off if you try and squeeze past me and the lane is closed ahead.


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