Friday Five: Transitions – Accentuate the Positive

It’s my week to host the Friday Five. 🙂

Many of us are nearing (or in) a time of transition. Either in between Calls, waiting for the next Call, moving to the Academy or another kind of work entirely.

This time of transition can be scary, lonely, frustrating and busier than we ever thought possible! If the time is protracted, it can be a bit soul-sucking too (which is a very hard place to be).

So with that in mind, this week’s Friday Five is all about that time called “the in-betweens.” Thanks to the Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer song, ACCENtuate the Positive, here’s our FIVE:


UpButton1. “ACCEN-tuate the positive…” begins the song. Tell us something that makes (or has made) your time of transition a good thing.

For me, it has been understanding what I know I can do well, and what I have to offer at a new organization. I had enough time to sift through what are priorities in terms of life/work balance and a general “feel”.

2. “ELIM-inate the negative…” (yes, that’s the next phrase!) Share with us a pro-active step you are making (or have made) in times of transition to make things less stressful.

Good self care. Pedicures. Haircuts. Reading. Walking. Blogging. And continuing in Spiritual Direction. Seriously, investing a little TLC in myself was a huge step and a good one. It also meant I had begun the process of valuing myself.

3. “LATCH ON to the affirmative…” What’s ahead? Even if the future is a bit hazy, what joy or learning has come your way from your previous position?

I have had the opportunity to learn there are many ways to do the same thing. As someone who had gotten stuck in a rut, it was important for me to remember that and welcome the change.

4. “But don’t mess with Mr. In-Between…”  Many of us are in that space of “in-between”. Or we remember it all too well! How are you caring for yourself in the uncertain times (or have done so in the past?)

I am so grateful it is almost over!!! Patient and sweet and easy on the nerves…. I am NOT.

5. “Have faith, or pandemonium’s liable to walk upon the scene.” In the  “Faith – to – Pandemonium”spectrum, where are you? What peeks of joy do you see through the clouds of crazy, even the upheaval?

I seem to live in a state of pandemonium with deep faith. If that makes sense… It’s messy. It’s fun. It’s at times painful. But the joy runs deep and I am aware that it’s all God, anyway.


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