The Good-byes and the Butterflies

2014-06-24 05.52.57I hung up my lab coat one last time,
turned in my keys and badge,
and hugged co-workers good-bye.

It was time.
I am Called to a new place.

I sought out co-workers and friends
to thank them
to remember them
to be reminded of the ways they blessed
and taught me.

I left a part of my heart
and hours of care
in a place with difficult decisions
and dark days,
of too-small babies
and too-late treatments,
of soul-searching questions
in the deeps of the night.

And in each moment,
through each person,
God was there.

The next chaplain will arrive
take the keys,
wear the badge and coat,
listen and pray,
speak and hold silence.

Life is full
of these sacred moments
and last words
and good-byes.
They must be held,
ever so briefly,
and then released.

2014-06-23 13.44.54

I came home to butterflies
on my flowers
and squirrels in my garden,
with day lilies trumpeting
the heat of summer
and wrens serenading their young.

In my next venture
I will see more of these holy moments,
memorable individuals
and unanswerable questions.

The Holy will be Present
to guide
to bless
to strengthen
to bring peace.

I go out in joy.
I am led forth in peace.

soli deo gloria.

6 Comments on “The Good-byes and the Butterflies

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  2. It can be sad, and liberating, to move on from a chaplaincy (and I like the fact that you left the “barkity bark” of theo-school!).


    • Actually… I am moving from a position in a hospital/trauma center to one as a hospice chaplain. Same song, different dance.


  3. Ah, got it. All the best. You may appreciate the insights of Karen Kaplan who is a hospice chaplain with “offbeat compassion” blog and new book.


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