Friday Five: Themeless

RevKarla from RevGalBlogPals offers this week’s Friday Five:

Hi gals and pals~~

Happy Friday to you!  I don’t have a theme this week, but just a variety of questions for your writing pleasure…

1) How are you?  What’s taking up your mind-heart space these days?

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodeling contract for all of the bathrooms (2.5). Fortunately, we always have some indoor plumbing. It’s noisy, messy, but will totally be worth it when it’s done.

However, the biggest pre-occupier in my life is preparing for and ticking off the FINAL boxes towards becoming a board-certified chaplain. The first requirement, a national ordination recognition was completed yesterday when my ordination credentials were accepted by ABC-USA. Next comes recognition and official endorsement as a chaplain by ABC-USA, and finally presenting all of the pages of essays, verbatims and various yaddayadda to the credentialing committee for APC (Association of Professional Chaplains).

As Pope Julius II and Michaelangelo said during the painting of the Sistine Chapel (in The Agony and The Ecstasy):

PJ2: When will you make an end?
M: When I am finished!

2) It’s St. Patrick’s Day on Monday~~will you celebrate or give a nod to it?

I will be working as a chaplain at the ER for all of you who come in from MVAs and brawls and partied too hearty. (In other words, I will be working Monday over night for a 16 hour shift.) If history is any predictor, I will be busy. And just because it’s march in the MidAtlantic, we are forecast for snow Sunday into Monday. Oh Boy.

3) My colleague is a voracious morning reader of blogs, online news, articles, etc.  What, besides RevGalBlogPals, do you look at frequently, if not daily?

A good read (and a place to get the links before they go viral) is on Reddit.

4) I got nothin’ here.  This is a free for all.  Just tell us something!

Tonight will be Curry Night at our house. I learned how to make curry when I was in Nigeria for a short-term mission trip. (The recipe is here on my cooking blog.) Both daughters and their boyfriends will be here for part of the evening, and it will be a lot of fun. This weekend they go back to their respective jobs, lives and campuses. We will miss them! But we will have more bandwidth. 😉

5) Use these words in a sentence or two:    map, magazine, sing, baby sloth, knit, penguin, love, weep, mountain, and messenger bag.

The baby sloth received the cutest knit sweater made of mountain goat yarn made by her uncle penguin. She loved it so much she started to weep and sing when her parents opened the messenger bag and found it along with a map and her favorite “Sloth Sloth Baby” magazine.


  1. Awesome, awesome play! The story about the baby sloth is so sweet! I might stop by for dinner 😉 I love all kinds of curry. And congratulations, congratulations, congratulations on getting through hoops! It’s a lot of yadadad, yes, but I know will be worth it. You go! Have a lovely weekend.


  2. I love the idea of a “Curry Night”! Blessings and congratulations on your journey towards board certification, especially as you minister in the ER!


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