Friday Five: A little bit random

I’m hosting the Friday Five this week at RevGals!

I have been busy writing “professional” papers, where it is required that staid, measured prose be properly footnoted, annotated and credited. I am tired of living there!

However, my creative brain is somewhere in the land of strange to illogical. So join me in my flight of thought and tell us:

1. A color that you enjoy (and where you find it)

I’m not someone who wears a lot of pink! But – The peachy-yellow-pinky-rose-apricot coloration of the Peace rose in my back yard is divine! (Coming again this summer!)

Peace Rose
Peace Rose

2. A food or drink you have discovered recently that is just da bomb!

I made this crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken and it was delish!

3. A simile for tiredness

I’m AS TIRED AS a cat done chasing the chipmunks.

4. A random picture from your phone, camera or computer

My daughters' hair with "hair sticks"
My daughters’ hair with “hair sticks”

5. Your least favorite bill: car mechanic, dentist or plumber?

I wrote this question, did I? Hmmmmm…

Well… because I dislike going (though I LOVE the person) it would have to be THE DENTIST.

BONUS: If you are going to have a Lenten practice or discipline, what is it? If you have a book or on-line resource, be sure to share it!

god-for-usI am SOOOooo excited about this book! I will be reading (now that I’ve finished a cursory read for a review) a book titled GOD FOR US: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter. I wrote a review about it HERE!


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