The Land of Tears

I’m in the midst of three projects this week. Two of them are in “GIT ‘ER DONE” mode. Those would be taxes and the requisite FAFSA (financial aid) forms. I just need to do a rough figuring of my taxes to do the FAFSA stuff. But it’s not my strong suit.

So because I am procrastinating on taxes (true confession time!) I started working instead on a workshop on grieving and healing. I’ll be presenting in June at the EEWC-CFT Gathering. (The general info here and my workshop is listed here.)

Grief is such a strange, lonely, powerful journey. As soon as I begin to make a definitive statement or organize my talking points, I realize how varied and personal our responses to grief can be. It brought to mind this quote from The Little Prince…

“It is such a secret place,
the land of tears.”
Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Each of us has different crisis points. Each of us finds different ways to cope with our tears and fears. Each of us may or may not have enough self-awareness at the time to know that our anger or our frustration or our forgetfulness or our exhaustion is due, in part, to the soul-zapping work of grief. And sorting all that out is just not easy. And it doesn’t follow a straight line!

It is such a tangle…

The Land of Tears
The Land of Tears

So I am pondering how to best describe this tangled journey of healing and grieving. How to bring reality and hope to this Land of Tears. And how to show God’s serious desire to be our Companion and Friend through it… without being driven by assumptions or trite sayings.

Lord, help me.

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