Friday Five: 5 Random Things I Love

Brought to you courtesy of RevKarla, here’s this week’s RevGals Friday Five:

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I know that some (a lot) of you are digging out from snow and ice and lack of electricity.  We feel for you, and love you!     Some of you have a love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day.  ‘Nuff said.     I happen to enjoy Valentine’s Day in spite of having exactly one date ever on VD (before I was married).   I love celebrating Love!   So, all that is to say is that our Friday Five is to tell us about five random things that you love. 

This is fun. I started looking for pictures for all of them, and settled on just posting one. Or this post won’t get finished! So, here’s my list!

1. My fambly.

The whole crew with Mom. July 2013
The whole crew with Mom. July 2013

2. Four Seasons

Yes, even if I have to shovel it, rake it, mow it or swat it, I love living in a 4-season part of the world.

3. Cats

I’m a total sucker for our purr-kids. And I could NEVER work at a cat shelter, because I’d want them ALL. TAKE ALL THE CATS!!!

4. Carbs

Yes. I’m German-Irish-English. I love my potatoes-bread-carbs of any kind. What I am learning to do is enjoy the ones I do eat, and balance them with vegetables and fruits.

5. Books

I have a stack of over 12 books to read right now. I will get to them all, eventually.


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