Health Care and Contraceptives: Who gets to play the “religion card”?

Among my friends and co-workers, I have formed some wonderful friendships with Roman Catholics. Over the years, we have learned to “agree to disagree” over issues such as church polity, the ordination of women, and so on. I have even been polite in my conversations about birth control.

In a recent article on the EEWC Viewpoints page, I wrote:

I have no problem with devout Catholics following the teachings of the Church. But when I am required to live by those teachings, even if I do not agree with them, I am annoyed. The choice of an individual to use contraception (or not) is an intensely personal choice. To be denied that right because of the religious beliefs of the owner is unfair.

The imposition of another’s religious beliefs on their employees reminded me of an event from my own employment history.

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