Love, Life and Loaves of Bread

It’s been a busy couple of days for someone who hasn’t left the house except to shovel…

Monday night through Tuesday, we were blessed with a real, measurable snowfall here in the DC area. Enough to have an excuse to use the snowblower twice. Today with the highs in the low teens, I’m more than content to stay in and work on some writing assignments.

Henry. Couch companion and general snoopervisor.
Henry. Couch companion and general snoopervisor.

This met with Henry’s approval, though he is not a fan of laptops and books and other contraptions that take away his human’s attention. However, he is more than willing to share a lap and stay warm. Priorities, you know.

Bearded Brewer is on travel, and so I have found that there is more time to indulge in my bread-baking habits. Monday, a loaf of herb bread (to accompany vegetable soup) filled the the kitchen with yummy aromas. Today, because it was cold and snowy, I made a batch of oatmeal bread. It again made a cold, windy day feel warmer, even if the thermostat said otherwise.

Oatmeal Bread. YUM.
Oatmeal Bread. YUM.

The carbovore in me is quite content. There are loaves for my freezer and loaves to gift to friends.

Life is meant to be shared with friends and family. I’m grateful.

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