Friday Five: Turn the page!

3dogmom from RevGals has this week’s Friday Five:

Whether or not we make resolutions with the new year, we all transition to a new, physical calendar. In recent years my favorite wall calendar is called “Pooped Puppies”, a monthly collection of sleepy, or sleeping, pups that can’t help but evoke an “awwwww.” for many years my godmother gave me a flat, weekly desk calendar that featured National Geographic photos. One of the great things about calendars is that for each of us they fulfill the “form and function” requirement–a place to indulge an interest while serving a purpose.

For today’s FF, tell us about five calendar themes that you like to see hanging on your walls or going with you to appointments, or that you WISH existed to adorn and accompany your life.

1. The calendar that lives with me: It’s that lovely but boring smart phone app. Everything goes on it – meetings, reminders, pick-up times. I also use the “alert” feature to keep me on task and on time.

2. The functional wall calendar: Another boring one. Each day has plenty of room to write in reminders. I give up a pretty picture for functionality.

3. The inspirational calendar: I have one from the Mennonite Central Committee with pictures of refugees and Two-Thirds World churches and communities. It reminds me that I am part of a Church that goes far beyond the neighborhoods and streets that I know.

4. The sports fan calendar: My Ohio State football/marching band calendar. Need I say more?

5. The “visual brain” calendar: This is a wipe-off, write-on calendar in the kitchen that is formatted for a week at a time. We keep track of when the cats get their meds and snacks (because they lie, you know). It’s also a necessity when I am working an overnight shift and my husband and I don’t see each other for over 24 hours.

BONUS: My fantasy calendar: The “karma” calendar! It will let me know when this dang cold will go away, when I will finally get a day job and what days I want to avoid the Metro.


  1. Brilliant Play! I realized after publishing the ff that electronic date books have replaced the physical ones of days past for so many. Guess I’m a throwback to another era since I still use a paper version! I do think that no matter how we keep track of things more than one system is often employed: like the cat meds and snacks. Whatever works! Thanks for playing.


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