Advent Random Friday Five

It’s Revkjarla’s week for the Friday Five:

I hope this Friday Five finds you happily wandering through these deep long twilight days with a reasonable  amount of hustle, bustle and peace in between.  Knowing however, that this can also be a jam-packed  or stressful time, my first FF question is:

1.  How are you?  How can we pray for you?

Tired. Tired of waiting for a certain place’s “Final Answer.” I’ve done my best, it was well-received and now… I wait. And wait some more.

Also tired because of a little family illness (saying this rather obliquely because of TMI restrictions) that now seems to be on the mend.

2.  On another level, I am sure that many of you have treasured Christmas ornaments.  Tell us about one of your more treasured, and why it is special.

There are several that were made by our daughters… a paper creche and a penguin. Also several beautiful ones from Germany.

3.  Since I have started in a new call in a new city, I have a new guilty pleasure called Shubies which is a store of wine, cheese, craft beer, gourmet foods, fun kitchen gadgets and more, besides a bakery/lunch counter.  I am currently enjoying an (overpriced)  kale-avocado-goat cheese pressed sandwich on cranberry sunflower seed wheat bread. O.M.GOODNESS.   What is one of your current guilty pleasures?

A nice Caramel Macchiato and cinnamon bun (not from St. Arbucks). I might as well just apply the calories to my hips… but it is a guilty pleasure that I only indulge in when doing Christmas shopping. And I haven’t had my quota yet because…

4. I picked up a beautiful hank of handspun wool in heather grays and purples in October that I am sending my sister for her birthday this month.  I have been looking forward to giving it to her.  What is something (tangible or less tangible) you are looking forward to give in the next few weeks?

…I have SO much shopping to do. Have not really even started. Yikes.

5.  We must have random words for a random sentence or story, right?  So, here are your words (or forms of) to use in a sentence or two:   earth, cranberry, codfish, kettle corn, pitcher, love, joy, hope, peace, Santa, artist.

I haz no brain for this today. But I will enjoy reading others.

One comment

  1. Ah, the eternal sucky waiting. In all of it’s gloriousness and anxiety. My prayers are with you, indeed.
    Hmm. I don’t think I have even thought about Christmas Shopping. I was proud I was on the birthday!! But looking forward to a caramel macchiato and a cinnamon has me seriously thinking about starting!
    Take care~~keep us posted re: waiting!


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