Friday Five: Let’s Pray Together

Anne is in the midst of that lovely winter storm, so our RevGalBlogPal Friday Five comes via phone and the faithfulness of RevGal Martha!

I am always grateful for the prayers of others, but I am especially touched when someone asks, “How may I pray for you?”

During this season of fullness, how may we pray for each other?

How may we:

1. Pray for you

I am still in discernment and interviewing for a job that I am truly excited about… and the forces of the universe are bringing a winter storm to our area in time for Sunday morning when I am scheduled to preach. So pray for safety as I travel, clarity of my words, wisdom as I discern, and joy in my heart.

2. Pray for someone you carry on your heart

Our lovely daughters, that God will continue to guide them and grow them to be the women of God they are destined to be! They are thriving and learning a lot about God’s faithfulness this year. Pray for the decisions that they make which will affect their futures.

3. Offer thanksgiving with you

I posted a month of Thanksgivings on Facebook. I know it’s not everyone’s thing, but it was a good discipline for me. I can too easily get negative and whiny. This helped me “ponder anew what the Almighty can do, Who with his love doth befriend thee.”

4. Ask God’s blessing in your life

For some financial decisions we are making. I don’t want a LOT of money, just ENOUGH.

5. Lift up anything else in your heart?

I have several blog posts in draft mode. I am tinkering, editing and reflecting (a LOT) before I post them. They are posts that have been on my heart for some time. They are not sugar-coating anything (read: they will likely piss off at least one group of people or another.) I have watched as various public figures and friends get blasted on the Intehwebs when they write from the heart… and that kinda scares me. So pray that I use great care in what I choose to post and do so with love and mercy in my heart, even if it is not extended to me in return.


  1. I can’t wait to read your coming posts and get pissed off! or not. And i will be holding you in prayer so much on Sunday!!!!! xxxxxx those are my fingers crossed which makes typing hard…


  2. I too posted my list of Thanksgivings on Fb during November too. I didn’t even think about that when I got to the thanksgiving question. Prayers as you discern!


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