A prayer for change

I dropped an egg on the floor this morning. I cleaned it up, grumbling. It was an accident. But it happened because I was not fully engaged in what I was doing. A momentary choice, a lapse of attention, caused it. BAM. BUSTED.

How many times do we want to take back the past mistakes… to get a do-over? And how often do we justify our actions or make excuses?

So many times, it is for something far more critical than an egg! It is someone’s feelings. Or our integrity. Or our vanity. Or a million other things other than seeking attentively to listen to God’s direction.

I frequently pray for change… sometimes because of my past mistakes. Sometimes because I want to see a “miracle” happen. And sometimes, because I want God to do something else. (Yeah. Like my prayer changes God’s mind!)

So this prayer came from a place of wanting NOT to change God’s direction, but for me to listen more closely, more deeply to where God is at work. A prayer for Change… in me.

A Prayer for Change

Lord of all,
You created the universe.
You put the planets and galaxies in motion.
You give us seasons, day and night,
warm and cold, sun and rain.
You surround us with reminders
of your creativity:
the otter, the butterfly, the eagle and the ant.
You place even the widowed and orphaned in families,
and charge us to love one another.

And yet we ignore you,
and choose our own paths to suit our passions.
We forage for ourselves in the bounty of Your goodness
and forget the hungry, the hurting and the sick.

We do not deserve Your love,
Your mercy,
Your grace.
And yet, how much we need You.

Change us.
Show us that the stubbornness of our previous choices
does not bind us to the same ones today.
Teach us how to listen anew,
to follow you with repentant hearts,
to let your Spirit bring a sea-change in our hearts.

You lead your People,
ever onward,
through history,
through rebellion and repentance.

Ever and always You are the same.
Alleluia, Amen.

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