An Unseen Path: Walking in Leaves

The Fall Labyrinth
My leaf-covered labyrinth

I walked the labyrinth this afternoon. It was relatively quiet for the time of day, what with after-school neighborhood traffic and all. At first I wasn’t sure where the rounds of bricks were — I kind of had to scuff them aside and look to take my next step. It required more concentration than usual.

As I finished and walked back into the house I stopped to take a picture. You can’t see the bricks, but they are still there.

It’s a lot like the way God guides us… step after step, many times the next step is unseen. The breeze even re-settled them so it’s had to tell that anyone has been walking out here today.

There’s a lot in my life that has been an unseen path, but this I know for certain: God is still speaking. God is there. And all the unknowns (which obviously I am NOT supposed to know yet) will come at the appointed time.

Deep breath. Exit labyrinth. Walk on with life.

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