Oh… joy…

We have procrastinated scheduling some of the remodeling in our home that we’ve dreamed of doing, mostly because our money was invested elsewhere. In the 17 years we’ve lived here, we’ve replaced windows, siding, a roof, A/C and furnace, water heater, electrical upgrades and remodeled the kitchen. Two girls in college and a car that needed replacing (as in a rusted frame!) took priorities after that. The bathrooms were functional, even though they were kinda bug ugly.

(Check out this 40 year old builder grade bathrooms… Don’t you just LOVE that green linoleum? Yeah, it was in the kitchen too.)


But. Now we have THIS…

photo 2

and this…

photo 3

Apparently, there’s a slow leak in the tub in our bathroom. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! and all that…

SOoooo… we’re in the process of interviewing contractors. It looks like we might have the job done before Christmas. If not, we will survive with one bathroom while the girls are home over the holidays. Really. Life will go on. We’ll just have a ticket machine like they do at the deli. 🙂

To help keep my sanity with this upcoming remodeling of our bathrooms (yes plural) I’m blogging about it here…


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