Friday Five: “If it ain’t broke…”

Martha over at RevGals laments some changes in the iOS7 download. Specifically, she doesn’t like the “Notes” screen background changing from yellow to white. (Personally, I think it’s easier to read, but that may just be the bifocals talking.) At any rate, because of the iOS7 changes, she offers this week’s Friday Five:

It was a disappointing download. The new iOS 7 update took away the format I loved for the Notes app on my iPhone and iPad. I admit, these are tiny little First World problems. I will nevertheless miss the digital legal pad with the black brown font, in all its simplicity.

In honor of the dear departed, please name five things in your life that need no improvement.

I had to think for a while, but realized I did have some opinions on this one. (I know. You’re shocked.)

1. Strawberries. Don’t dip them, dry them or (shudder) deep fry them. Just give me a pint, freshly picked and washed, and I’ll eat them just as they are. They also don’t need to be the large “plastic” variety. Flavor and sweetness, please!

2. The beach. It doesn’t need a boardwalk or a golf course. A walk on the dunes, with the seagulls and waves and I’m content.

3. Football halftime shows. Guess what? Talking heads don’t do it, particularly for college teams. (True facts – at Ohio State, the fans are so supportive of the marching band that they mob the bathrooms and refreshment stands 5 minutes before the half so that they can get back to their seats and see the show.) If you aren’t going to show the marching band, I set my timer and go do something else. All those commercials and carefully coiffed experts are muted. See how much money you just wasted?

4. Bathrobes. Warm fleece. Pockets. Some kind of tie or belt. I don’t need a hood or snap closures so that I look like a giant walking oompah-loompah.

5. Sweat pants. While I could post a billboard on my posterior, I just need clothing to wear while I’m working out. Preferably with pockets.

BONUS: It’s a salad. Not a relationship. Just sayin’.

Pretentious Grocery Salad Bars
Pretentious Salads


  1. Only 5 minutes before the half? They must have LOTS of concession stands and bathrooms in that stadium, because I know they have lots of fans!


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