Praying for Peace…


I am joining many others in prayers for peace, particularly for a peaceful resolution to the latest conflicts in Syria. I commend to you this op-ed piece by Daryl Byler, a friend and man of peace, for some perspective you won’t hear in the media’s sound bites.

Here is my own prayer…

Lord of all

We stand again on the brink of war

in a part of the world

where chasms between peoples run so deep,

and enmity is nourished instead of friendship.

Hear our prayers, Lord…

for peace

for reconciliation

for protection of the innocent

for resolution without armed conflict

for the comfort of those in distress

for the grieving.

Bring your wisdom

to those who make plans for war

that they might instead seek peace,

to those who are frozen in fear

that they may see hope,

to those who are indifferent

that they may understand.

Bring your justice

upon those who stir up strife

upon those who unjustly attack

upon all who would exploit, kill and destroy.

Bring your peace

O Lord, bring your peace.


Hear our cries, Lord, we trust in you, the only God and Savior of all,


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