From Where I Sit… Seeing God

As kind of an end-of-vacation post, here’s some pictures that I’ve found via my camera viewfinder. They help to express visually the restoring work of God when I’m truly on vacation — and not just traveling! The places I’ve stopped to rest and reflect vary from the porch swing overlooking the salt marsh, to a screened in porch on the seaside, to a short rest on the sand as the waves lap at my toes. The moments are a flick of my camera shutter… and like the day-to-day events we walk through, they can be missed unless you truly look for them.

Perhaps, for me, that has been the lesson for this week. To stop and see glimpses of God, wherever I go. They are always there. I just have to open my eyes.

from Psalm 36

Common English Bible

…your loyal love, Lord, extends to the skies;

your faithfulness reaches the clouds.


Your righteousness is like the strongest mountains;

 your justice is like the deepest sea.

        Lord, you save both humans and animals.


Your faithful love is priceless, God!

    Humanity finds refuge in the shadow of your wings.


They feast on the bounty of your house;

you let them drink from your river of pure joy.


Within you is the spring of life.

   In your light, we see light.


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