Friday Five: Keeping My Cool

It’s my turn to host the Friday Five. Of course, temps this week are topping out in the low 80’s instead of close to 100. But summer isn’t done around here. I know that the ‘humugggity” is coming back. So I’m focusing on keeping cool!

Just a few short months ago, we were shoveling snow. Today, we’re sweating buckets!

Highs in the 90s. Humidity in the “uncomfortable” range. And air quality in the “red” zone. It’s summer here in the Washington, DC Metro area, and I’m not really a fan.

Recognizing that RevGalBlogPals are from around the world, your weather may be different. But play along and tell us how YOU beat the heat when it’s in season with this week’s Friday Five.

Tell us your favorite:

1. Cool treat: One of those fruit-only raspberry frozen popsicles. A grown-up version of the ones that stain your teeth and tongue, I like the ones that are fruit and juice.

2. Cool drink: A margarita, please. With salt.

3. Cooling-off place: In the basement with the fan blowing on me.

4. Cool clothes: I love my pretty, airy top that I got on sale. I wear it with summer slacks and a light jacket and it’s dressy enough for work. (Sorry for the link… I wanted to post just a pic of it but I can’t figure out how to do that.)

5. Best alternative to air-conditioning: Hmmmm… who comes up with these questions? 😉 I confess that I am an A/C addict. But — if I take the time to slow down, just sitting still under a ceiling fan or in a shady spot with the afore-mentioned drink, once my body acclimates, is very do-able.

BONUS: Share a photo of your favorite hot weather “chill out” spot.

Ahhhhh…. that would be here. At the beach. Sooooooonnnn… soooooooonnnn…

Inhale. Exhale. Ahhhhhhh....
Inhale. Exhale. Ahhhhhhh….


  1. I can feel the breeze as you sit on that swing. Good for you in having an alternative to air conditioning–I think the best cooling is a combination of overhead fan and air conditioning!


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