Friday Five: “Kicking Back” edition

It’s the week after Easter. For my friends in parish ministry, it’s when there’s a collective sigh of relief. Since I’ve been on an unplanned vacation (I wasn’t scheduled for on-call hours, even though I requested them), there is a sense of a needed breather. So I’m playing along with RevGal Pat’s Friday Five this week:

1. What, if anything, are you doing to take your Easter season sabbath? Family? Vacation? Study Leave? Some combination of all three?

I did not get any scheduled on-call hours this week, even though I requested them. (I’m not sure why. It’s the director’s prerogrative.) So I have taken this week to enjoy time with Reedy Girl before her Spring break ended. I also went with the rest of the family to hear The Johnnie defend her senior thesis on Dante’s Paradiso. She. Was. Amazing.

2. What is your favorite Easter season sabbath of all time? One of those lazy weeks at the beach where all we did was sleep and read and eat. Yeah. I could do with some of that any time!!!

3. If you’re not taking an Easter season sabbath, what is drawing your attention as the Revised Common Lectionary bids us bide awhile with Thomas and gang? Is there a Holy Hilarity service in your future?

I’m not in a regular preaching gig, but I have been meditating on the Thomas passage and on faith and doubts and fears. More to come on that this weekend. 🙂

Deep... Breath...
Deep… Breath…

4. What would be your ideal Easter season sabbath? If you could go anywhere, do anything, with anybody?

It would NOT be on a cruise. I know many of my RevGal friends love cruises, but I am not a ship-loving gal. And recent events with cruise ship accidents and so on have not convinced me to try it. No, I’d be back on the beach, enjoying the breezes and a glass of iced tea.

5. Tell the truth now: Any Easter candy left? 

As a matter of fact, yes! There’s a “communal bucket” of candy and we have all exercised self-restraint!


Pat didn’t specify a bonus, but here’s one from me: Signs of spring from my backyard…


One comment

  1. Oh! Your signs of spring are amazing… I am in Wyoming, and my sister-in-law’s crocus bed is full of blooms. At home in NY, not a one!

    And I’m with you, off the ship and on the beach. May such a day come soon!


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