Friday Five: Deep Breath

There are places and spaces where we all find a deep sense of peace and renewal. When we are busy and in the midst of ministry, sometimes it’s a little hard to just leave work and GO there. So I try to keep a practice of stopping and praying, remembering the peace that comes when I sit here on this porch swing at the beach:

It’s the week before Holy Week. Even if you are the non-preaching type, there’s plenty going on in most of our homes religious. I think we all need a collective deep breath. šŸ™‚

This week’s Friday Five is simply a moment to BREATHE. Stop and tell us five ways that you “catch your breath” and then move on in the work God calls you to do.

Are these five things people? places? music? hobbies? chocolate? Or perhaps a memory?

1. Well, I gave you my first one. That lovely porch swing that overlooks a salt marsh. Lots to watch… marsh birds, flocks of pelicans, the occasional raccoon or other wild critter… and lots of peace to collect.

2. A cuppa watching the birds on the back yard feeders. One of the redesign requirements for our kitchen was a BIG window overlooking the yard. It’s just a wonderful place to (try and) wake up.

Our back yard, through the kitchen window.
Our back yard, through the kitchen window.

3. Our “sitting room” which has great daylight and a comfy chair or two. And usually a feline companion. Or three.

Henry, settling for the bay window while he waits for a lap.
Henry, settling for the bay window while he waits for a lap.

4. A few notes at the piano.

My piano. A gift of love from my parents.

5. Puttering in the yard. Usually coming up with grand re-designs in my mind at exactly the WRONG season. I will move those bulbs and divide them for next year. I swear I will.

Time to do some puttering...
Time to do some puttering…


    • Thanks… it’s not very green yet – little bits are starting to grow and will be covered with mixed precip/white stuff before the weekend is over. It’s only March, I tell myself…


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