I have started this blog post too many times to count. The titles I choose are usually whimsical…

Hip-deep in the swamp of reality

Slapped upside the face

Well, that sucks

or my personal favorite,

What century is it, anyway?

None of them ever make the light of day. I save the draft and think, “I better sleep on this one!” And in the second, third and even fourth read, they never get published. (And yet I don’t delete them. Hmmmm.)

For example, here’s this one, from Superman’s cape: When you learn to “Let it be.”

What if I am up against a superpower and I just need to back away?

Let me explain.

There are times I become a crusadin’ fool for things that I care about. I have a pet project and that’s all I blog about, talk about, or want to do. And though my family and friends are SICK OF IT, yet I keep on. I may have faced a roadblock in getting something changed, and yet I pursue, digging in like it’s going to be a WAR, BLAST IT.

Sometimes, I really have to stop. Is it worth it? Am I convinced that I have the golden hermeneutic on this one? And maybe, just MAYBE that brick wall I’m hitting is something I can bounce off of and move on?

Don’t get me wrong – it’s good to have passions. I strongly believe it’s important to consider what is most important in your life, and then support it with your time, energies and even spare change. But sometimes — when the world keeps turning and I’m the one standing there, dug in with my fingernails and toenails leaving a stream of protests in the unchanging tide… is it time to move on?

I am talking and working through some thorny questions right now with my Spiritual Director. If you know me, you may see peeps of them in posts or photos. And if you don’t, you’ll have to scratch your head and say, “what’s THAT all about?”

So perhaps I’m not as much “frozen” as I am re-booting.


With 256 kB.

Whirrr… bzzz… whirrr…


To be continued…

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