RevGals Friday Five: Random Personal Maps

RevKJarla of RevGals asks:

Happy Friday friends!!
Today, our Friday Five is about YOU….and if your life were a map, well….

1. What is beyond your boundaries?
Math. I took it. I tried. I don’t got that “math gene.”

2. Where are the cities or neighborhoods that need “redevelopment” or attention?
That thing called “regular exercise.” It’s quite weedy and run-down. But I’ve thought about doing something about that. Does that count?

3.  What are the verdant valleys?
Writing, singing, photography and reading. LOTS of good crops happening there.

4. Where are the deserts?
Breaking out of last year’s plant infestations. I’ve let “old tapes” hold me back or make me think “I CAN’T!” when I most definitely CAN!!! I’m working on that irrigation system. Remind me if you think I forgot to turn on the water. 🙂

5.  Where is the hidden treasure?
Ah. If I tell you, it wouldn’t be hidden now, would it? Heh.


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