Photo-a-Day: Vision

vision2They have been on my nose every day, all day, since I was eight years old. They get bent. They get scratched and dirty. And occasionally, I need a new prescription. With age, I now have three pairs of glasses. 1) trifocals (unlined bifocals) 2) “reading glasses” for playing music and 3) sunglasses.

I’m not visually impaired. For that I’m grateful. But I do have to think about how to hold my head and focus on an object or text. That was a new trick for this old dog to learn.


Mine’s not what it used to be. I don’t always see what I need to see. Not in the sense of focusing, or being able to see the material, physical things around me, but in the spiritual, metaphysical world where God speaks and shows me the Possibiltiies of what I could do… with God, for God, in the Name of God.

When I looked up the word “vision” in the concordance, I found verse after verse where God had brought a vision to one of God’s leaders in a dream… and that vision came to pass because of their faithfulness and willingness to take a risk.

I dream… I pray… I wait… I have my eyes and heart open…

I pray that the eyes of your heart will have enough light to see what is the hope of God’s call… Eph. 1:18a


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