Advent 1C: Psalm 25:1-20

Continuing in my Advent devotional writing… More about that here! 🙂

1 I offer my life to you, Lord.
2 My God, I trust you.
Please don’t let me be put to shame!
Don’t let my enemies rejoice over me!
3 For that matter,
don’t let anyone who hopes in you
be put to shame;
instead, let those who are treacherous without excuse be put to shame.
4 Make your ways known to me, Lord;
teach me your paths.
5 Lead me in your truth—teach it to me—
because you are the God who saves me.
I put my hope in you all day long.
6 Lord, remember your compassion and faithful love—
they are forever!
7 But don’t remember the sins of my youth or my wrongdoing.
Remember me only according to your faithful love
for the sake of your goodness, Lord.
8 The Lord is good and does the right thing;
he teaches sinners which way they should go.
9 God guides the weak to justice,
teaching them his way.
10 All the Lord’s paths are loving and faithful
for those who keep his covenant and laws.
Psalm 25  [CEB]

A Psalm of Waiting…

The theme of “WAIT” is strong in this Advent reading. But it is not a “hurry up and wait” theme, where one sits, frustrated, kept in a place of stasis and frustrating delays. It’s not like waiting for the missing Metro train (we have a lot of those!) or the time spent twiddling your thumbs in a doctor’s office.

This is a WAIT of anticipation. Of knowing that something wonderful is just… almost… THERE!

Growing up, we had a St. Bernard named “Fezzik”. He was a gentle giant, and had many quirks. One of them was his devotion and love for pancakes. He was animated and excited, but as well-mannered as any Saint can be, when waiting for that special Saturday morning treat. He knew that “WAIT” meant “do not move… do not eat.” A pancake, tempting, sweet and buttery, would sit on his nose. He would whine, drool and look pleadingly.


The tail would thump furiously.


Mournful eyes would look up at us.


And as soon as that word was spoken, the pancake was flipping from snout to mouth, tail wagging furiously. We didn’t tease him – it was a promise delayed, not a prank or a punishment.

We are not trained animals, waiting for God to act. But we can live in the Promise. We can WAIT knowing that our God of compassion and faithful love, our God of goodness and justice WILL act.

We WAIT in covenantal grace and with joy. We know the way the path curves ahead… not sure exactly of the final steps, only that God lights the way.

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