3 thoughts on “And the band played on…

  1. Did she learn to play clarinet? At our high school, they give the double reeds a saxophone or clarinet to carry around but not necessary play (the kids refer to them as “fake-ophones” and “fake-inets”; my son is orchestra so not involved but we carpooled with a fake-ophone and he gave me the scoop).


    1. She actually started on clarinet, and has played that in marching band. (Oboe in marching band = ouch) She can play clarinet, but doesn’t give it much of her time. She’s a double reed gal.


  2. I played oboe from 6th grade through 9th (then quit band). We started on oboe, so they had us play percussion during marching season. When I was in 7th grade there was an 8th grader who played the bells, so I got stuck with bass drum. Then when she went off to high school, the band director wouldn’t let me switch because I had experience. Ugh! Can you imagine being a middle school girl and having to carry around a big huge drum, when you’d much rather play the sweet tinkling bells? I hated it. Finally got to do it in 9th grade (at which point I envied those on the marimbas…)


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