There is no title that fits this post. None.

This week I have had to hear news I’d rather never have to hear again…

…a sweet family from church relocating to the west coast
…a nurse with malignant melanoma because of her “addiction” (as she put it) to tanning beds when she was in her 20s
…an amazing woman whose battle with cancer is now over
…the emotional pain of broken relationships
(and those are just the stories I can mention. There are many others that are locked away because of promises of prayers in confidence.)

I wrestled with these events. I have prayed a lot. While I know that the world is organized and directed on a much Bigger Plane than this earthly one, it’s hard. Things seem fuzzy. It doesn’t seem right. In fact, I’ve been a little mad.

So from my heart come these words… if you are in a place of grief or anger or confusion or frustration or loss, I hope that they help. Or at least bring some measure of peace.

Holy One
We cannot see.
We do not know the whats and wheres and whys
of the pain we meet in this life.
Things seem fuzzy
beyond brokenness.

In confidence
I raise my questions to the heavens
and rest and trust
even in not knowing.

No, it makes no sense.
And yet in the arms of heaven
it does.

In the quiet
of cats purring
of soft rain falling
of leaves drifting
I hear your heart calling to mine.
You bring peace and shelter
comfort and strength
to weather this storm
and the next.

Thank you.

Only God gives inward peace,
and I depend on him. Psalm 62:5


  1. thank you. I needed to hear this today.  I am sorry for the sad news you have heard this week, but thankful that God has used your words to provide comfort to others.

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