Books, books, books

I finally did it. I went through ALL of the books in my study. I made a passing attempt at organizing them (with more to go on that task!) And I did something really drastic. I culled books to take to the local library’s book sale.

That last one is the shocker. Culling books? As in, giving some away?

Well, yes. These need to go somewhere else!! I don’t want to let them have any more real estate on my shelf.

  • Theology books which are sketchy at best. I suppose I could keep a copy of some sexist systematic theology book. But no.
  • Trendy books I had to read for a class, and are ideas that are well-past their prime. (True fact: a book on “worship wars” from the 1990s? Done. Over. Good-bye)
  • Fiction books I picked up either for cheap or for free and are not worth keeping.
  • Gift Books present to me (with love, I grant you) which are either outdated, uninteresting, or full of bad poetry.
  • And the occasional duplicate copy of a great book that I really, really don’t need 2 copies on my shelf.

The public libraries are getting some great material for their book sale. And I actually have room for all of my books! (Until I buy more…)

There are books that will never leave my study, if I can help it. And one of them (to Reedy Girl’s delight) is The Velveteen Rabbit. Because love still makes things real.

Got any keepers on your shelves? What are they? 🙂


  1. […] 5. DISCARDS: I regularly cruise the “FREE BOOKS” rack at our local library. (I know, I know. It’s a bad habit!) When’s the last time you went through your books and gave some away (or threw some away?) Do you remember what made the discard pile? I actually sold a huge pile of books via Half.Com about a year ago. I priced them to move, and they did. I made minimal money, but I knew that the folks buying them (mostly seminarians) would appreciate that. I posted more about my discards in this recent post. […]


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