Stepping Out of the Boat!

I suppose for some folks, this is old hat, old stuff. But for me, it’s huge. I just uploaded my first proposal for a conference paper.

Am I confident I will be accepted? No. Was I supposed to do it? There was a ‘holy nudge’ that I could not ignore…

So here’s to learning to step out of the boat. It has been enjoyable and exciting to just follow my passions and Calling. The rest? It’s not up to me. And the pressure is lifted off my shoulders!


  1. I hope the reviewers have a holy nudge to include you; I’m sure your perspective will be quite valuable!

    BTW, submitting conference proposals is always a good reason to treat yourself to an ounce or two of fine chocolate. :^)


    • Thanks! 🙂 I won’t hear until some time in December. But… it’s off my plate for the moment. (Though I may do some initial research just because the topic intersects with my passion!)


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