Friday Five: The Next Five Months

Jan from RevGals has this week’s Friday Five:

The summer is whizzing by and soon it will be August! That means that there are five months left in this year 2012. What do you look forward to in the next five months; or what is scheduled? What is meaningful for you in each of these months? Or memories you have of these months? You decide what to write about for each month!

This has been a very busy summer and is about to get busier! This next week, Reedy Girl and I will visit 7 colleges in a whirlwind week of campus tours and interviews. It will help with the “weeding” process for her future college choices. And I think we will have a lot of fun. So in a way, I can hardly think about the fall… and yet we must!
1. August: A trip to the beach, band camp for Reedy Girl and getting The Johnnie back to college. Both will be seniors this year. Whoa.
2. September: Some more college trips when school is in session so that the weeding out process is easier. 🙂
3. October: Of the writing of college essays there shall be many… not by me, but by Reedy Girl! I’m just part of the cheering section!
4. November: The end of football season for the high school means less-busy Friday nights! The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. And Thanksgiving (either at home or with Ohio family… not sure about that one.)
5. December: Winter concerts, Advent and a break from school.

Quite honestly, I am holding all these things very loosely. The time we have together as family is precious, and I look forward to spending as much time as I can with my husband and daughters, and my extended family. And that job thing? (As in, a permanent one?) You know what? God’s got that one.


  1. Thanks for the job comment. I’m secretly dreaming I’ll be in a new church by December, but was afraid to post that on my own blog. And I’ve been kinda paralyzed by fear and have work to do on finding that new job. But I also need to turn it over to God, who is in charge. Peace.


  2. I remember those college-applying days. This is very poignant for me because my youngest child graduated from college in June and is heading off to GRADUATE school! I loved what you wrote about families.


  3. wow, it sounds as if it’s already autumn where you are, but it also sounds fun and hopeful; thanks for playing!


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