Friday Five: Gratefulness

I’m grateful for a lot of things today…

1. For electricity! It’s going to be close to or over 100 degrees today. After the massive storm from a week ago that had millions of folks in our area without power, this is no small blessing.

2. For family! My wonderful husband and daughters. My mom and sibs.

3. For technology. I’m writing this as I have coffee and wait for a friend to show up for a chat. Thanks to a GPS in my car, I got here faster than she did because there was a direct route I didn’t know.

4. For the arts. A way to reflect, worship, vent, create and BE. For me this includes writing, photography, and music.

5. For a Called Life. I don’t always know the what, where, when or whys of how it will all work out. But I believe in the Holy One who calls and equips me.

Grateful. And with gratitude…

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