On finding rest…

Only in God do I find rest… Psalm 62:1a

Time away is always good. Time which includes copious amounts of reading, napping and walks on the beach are even better.

The first days we were here there was a tropical storm off the coast (just to keep things interesting?) but it did not stop us for taking short walks on the beach in between squalls. The last few days have been that kind of beach day that tourists crave and hotels market to us. Sunny. Breezy. Warm. Blue skies and palm trees.


Yeah I’d say that’s pretty beautiful weather.

But there is another element to a week at the beach. Anne Morrow Lindbergh expressed it thusly in a journal entry:

Florida is NOT the place to work. I should have remembered that from other times. It IS the place to relax — rest. Sleep — sun. Get nervously ironed out. It is the place for the body to soak up strength — not for the mind to give forth energy… But it is rather a good place — speaking of the mind, now — to dream — to ruminate — to let the mind also relax — play — turn over in gentle careless rolls — like these lazy waves on the flat beach. Who knows what these great easy unconscious rollers may turn up on the white sand of the conscious mind…
(from her diary, Friday, March 5, 1948)


Thanking God for places and spaces to see, to hear and to relax. And to enjoy some sweet treats from the sea…


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