Holy Interruptions, Batman!

There’s one skill that I have gained from my work as a chaplain. It’s being able to change plans and priorities mid-stream. Today, my agenda for the day went down the tubes when Reedy Girl accidentally shut her thumb in the car door.

Yeah. Ouch. (I’ll spare you the ugly picture of a swollen, painful, black and blue thumb.)

I had dropped Reedy Girl at her summer school class, and made a quick run to the grocery. I planned on then going home and doing some yard work before it got so stinking hot today.  I hadn’t showered or made myself particularly lovely. Just passable to do a run to school, to the grocery and to my garden. Well. Smelly and messy, and slightly disheveled, I changed those plans. This was our gal who was hurting!

Mostly we spent the day waiting. And looking for ice. Waiting at the pediatrician’s office. Getting a cold pack. Waiting at the ER (to get an xray and get her nailbed aspirated – which, trust me, is painful, though eventually helpful.) Getting another cold pack. Waiting to be processed to go home.

I was supposed to see my spiritual director today, and then go directly from that appointment to be on call. I cancelled the appointment and found a co-worker who would cover for me. It was fortunate, since we got home shortly before I was to be at work.

The writer of Proverbs says, “Many plans are in a person’s mind, but the LORD’s purpose will succeed.” (Proverbs 19:21)

Was it in God’s plan that she bang up her thumb? No! That’s not what the verse means. It is more about listening and understanding what GOD thinks my plans are for the day. It’s cultivating a heart attitude that puts people and their needs over my own. I had “many plans” in mind today. But obviously, the most important ones centered around our lovely Reedy Girl.

And I’m OK with that.

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