That’s good news?

It’s been a good news/bad news kind of day. From the moment I discovered that the maple syrup jog had opened and glugged quite a bit of its contents over a shelf of the fridge… What a mess!! It not only messed up a shelf, the syrup seeped into the vegetable and fruit bins. That’s bad news, right? Well, sorta.

The good news is that I now have a partially clean fridge! Bearded Brewer and I tackled it while our caffeine took hold. (Yes. I discovered this before my morning coffee… I ask you… is that fair?)

So I tried to have a good attitude, and went off to the NIH Clinical Center, where I am now officially done done DONE!!! with my fourth unit of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education.) That’s good news? Well, sorta.

Except that I will miss my fellow students from the CPE cohort! We got along famously, even though our denominations and nationalities were very different. And I now move out of “student” role into “professional chaplain” role. Which is GREAT news!

It also means that I am now, after having completed (survived?) four units of CPE, a “board-eligible” chaplain according to the guidelines of the Associations of Professional Chaplains. I still have hours and hours to earn, and then must go through a lengthy certification process. But it’s a great feeling.

So then on my way home, I stopped to trade cars at the auto repair shop. (Yeah, that’s rarely good news. Hopefully the second car will only be minor stuff.) The ancient faithful Buick has extensive under-body rust issues.

It’s working (for the moment) so I took it to the Motor Vehicle Administration inspection station for the emissions testing. It neither passed nor failed, but was “rejected.” In addition, we were late getting it inspected so there was a big fine. But because it was “rejected” the inspection process gets a 30 day re-boot… and when we bring it back for a check, it will only cost us $14 instead of much, much more. That’s good news? Sorta. Except that the long-term repair issues for this car are going to be a lot, to the point that we have to decide if it is worth keeping.

I came in the door, grateful to be home, and for a car that runs. And… the cats, in their wisdom, decided to decorate THREE different carpets with hairballs. (Perhaps it was only one cat who expressed an opinion so graphically. Perhaps all three voted me off the island because I have a suitcase out for packing for a trip to Oregon soon…) In any case, I don’t call that good news. I call it “life.”

I’m grateful, tired and a little bit whimsical. May you have fewer “interesting moments” in your day…

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