RevGals Friday Five: Emptiness

Sally over at RevGalBlogPals gives this week’s blogging prompt:

I have been pondering this Friday Five over and over in my mind, but I am coming up with nothing, so I am wondering; what do you do when you feel empty of all creativity and unable to make/do anything? This is a completely open question, the only rule is name 5 things that fill/ inspire you.

1. Music:

Specifically, music that combines emotion, faith and action. I recently was introduced to The Armed Man: A Mass for Peace by Karl Jenkins. The movement “Benedictus” can move me to tears. Give it a listen:

2. Family:

I’m blessed. They listen, pray, hug and love. (This photo is just of my husband of almost 25 years, Bearded Brewer, and our daughters The Johnnie and Reedy Girl. But included in this item, though not pictured, are my sibs and mom.)

3. The Beauty in God’s Creation:

A lot of the photos on my photoblog are of nature — the beauty I see around me as I go here and there. These moments of beauty capture me and inspire me. This was taken close to sunset on a summer evening in Warrenton, Oregon. It really was that blue!

4. Humor:

I am someone who sees the lighter side of life… and even when I’m struggling, I still work at finding that glimmer of humor. This was a ghost crab hole at the beach — it just begged to say “Hello.” 🙂

5. Friends:

You know who you are. I can’t do life without you. Thank you.

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