Grace Has Called My Name

Grace Has Called My Name

– Kathryn Scott

Peace as elusive as a shadow dancing on the wall
life swallowed by the pain of yesterday;
Left broken by the shame of things that I had done,
No freedom from the choices that I’d made;

But with one touch You made me clean;
You met me in my deepest need. 

Grace has called my name,
when all that I had left were just filthy stains;
Grace has called my name;
when hope had all but faded far away,
Grace called my name.

Wounded by words that left their mark upon my soul,
dreams overturned by empty promises;
Well intentioned things I’d heard a million times before
just left my heart to grieve alone again;

But with one touch You set me free;
You met me in my deepest need.


I was reflecting on my day… on how I watched someone walk through a difficult day. It’s not that I had a perfect self-discovery for myself today… but I watched in almost shock as the events unfolded in a car wreck of sequelae.

And then I found out… they had walked through this day before. Many times. The same kind of incidents. The same kind of conflicts.

The more they talked, the more I wondered, “why don’t you see it?” The conversation did not illuminate a new perspective. There was no clarity of thought, no acceptance of change. It was painful.

I reflected on my own journey… where I’ve been. What I’ve learned. Even more, how I have come to see life and God’s work within it as a sacred treasure, a honor, a Call to walk beside and listen. And most of all to allow God to use me, a vessel broken and bruised, surely, but one that is being trimmed, turned and polished.

What’s the difference?

Rather than beat myself for every foible and mistake (geez… there are so many) I heard Grace call my name. And I respond with thankfulness and joy.

I’ll stumble again. I’ll be angry or hurt. But Grace continues to call me OUT of the mistakes and frustrations… Grace calls my Name.

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