Friday Five: Love

RevKJarla from RevGals writes thusly:

Hey RevGals….
It’s Valentine’s Day on Tuesday….
Share 5 Valentines you would like to give this year, and why–
but here is the hitch,
Can’t give them G-d, Jesus, Holy Spirit…
or your mom, your beloved, your sweet child(ren)…tell us about the other amazing  beings in your life.

Valentine #1: Fellow pastors and ministry partners who are tired and almost burned out.

I pray that you would get a fresh boost of God’s love for you, and a fresh Wind of the Spirit infuse your work. Remember the enemy would love to knock you out of commission, particularly if you have been effective in Kingdom work. Press on!

Valentine #2: Health care professionals who have passion and compassion for their patients.

I see your work every day. Your knowledge and skill bring healing and relief to hundreds of people each year.

Valentine #3: Farm owners and laborers and others in the food production chain.

I peeled an orange for my breakfast. I recognize it came from someone’s farm, picked by an anonymous laborer, packed and shipped by a long distance hauler, placed on a table by a grocery store employee. I don’t want to take any of you for granted.

Valentine #4: Teachers who have impacted my children.

We chose public schools for our children’s education (K-12).  I think that 90% of their teachers were highly effective and are/were wonderful role models. Thank you for leaving profitable business careers as CPAs and chemists to come teach math and science. Thank you for seeing my children’s joy of learning and fostering their love of music and literature. Thank you for pushing through the bureaucracy and the clueless administrators to transform your classrooms.

Valentine #5: All those impacted by war because of others’ greed and power-hungry obsessions.

I think of the refugees. The homeless. The widows. The orphans. The hungry. The persecuted. Scripture is clear that God hears the cries of those who suffer because of the selfish acts of the power-hungry. May God’s love and mercy reign on the helpless.

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