Cleared vision

Over the weekend, Bearded Brewer and I went to see The Johnnie in her first ever crew regatta (They smoked some big schools and took 7th out of 15 on the Women’s Novice 4 which is AWESOME. But I digress!)

Bearded Brewer and I took some time to enjoy the beauty of the Occoquan River and to revel in the glory of a beautiful fall day. I shot over 200 pictures (a lot of them were kids in boats, natch.) But the fall colors were gorgeous, the sky bright blue, and the temperature crisp and wonderful. Even in the sunshine, it was pretty comfortable.

So here’s some shots of the regatta. Enjoy some fall loveliness!

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There were two photos I took that gave me some clarity on my work as a chaplain. I’ve had to work through some issues this unit of CPE that kind of surprised me. One way of explaining it is that we took a “psychic mugging” because of some of the things we experienced and saw as residents earlier this year. My confidence was shaken and I really wondered if I ‘had it’ in me to be a chaplain. And my first verbatim sucked so badly… I can’t tell you how bad. It was awful. I took this shot and said, “Yeah. That’s where I was.”

Things were that blurry. Oh, the outlines were there. And if you looked long and hard enough, you might have seen the true picture. But it was hard getting there.

Then, things came more into focus for me — and as a result, for the rest of the cohort. There’s blurred placed and painful spots left to clarify. But overall I’m feeling a lot more self-aware and ready to care for the next person God takes me to visit. And that’s encouraging. Because, as they say, I can see the forest for the trees.

I’m getting there.

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