Fast and Furious Monday Link Love

Less text — more links. You know what to do. The same caveats apply as always.

1. “It’s both fun and scary.” That nicely sums up our envy of The Johnnie’s education. Read more about St. John’s.

2. I’m glad I have an iPhone, since lots of people had a Blackberry that wasn’t working.

3. A possibility if you participate in the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) and don’t know who to support… Consider the Women’s Microfinance Initiative!

4. This story touched my chaplain’s heart…

5. This video is kinda funny, except that it was produced by a church (a rather large one)… The irony did not escape me.

6. One of the better posts on the “Occupy movement.”

And finally… in case you can’t sleep, you can study for your Chem quiz…

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